Kudos International Network
As well as assisting our clients in both the Republic of Ireland and U.K., we are an independent firm with membership of the prestigious “Kudos International Network”, an international accounting and auditing network.  The network was set up for firms with a strong interest in audit quality and those with good ISQC 1 procedures in place.  We are proud to be a part of the Kudos International Network and share their core ethos of quality and excellence.   Being a part of the Kudos International Network, which operates in many countries, means our clients can avail of a service which is not only personalised to them but has the benefit of global knowledge bank of independent accounting and consulting firms. The breadth and depth of services available to you are equivalent to those offered by the biggest firms. Globalization is the new standard in today’s evolving marketplace and we have the domestic and international capabilities to help companies achieve their global objectives.  We are able to offer all aspects of our services on a global basis.

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We are members of Kudos International Network Limited. Kudos International Network Limited is a worldwide network of independent accounting firms which provides no services to the clients of its members. members of Kudos International Network Limited are separate legal organisations and are only associated with each other by being members of Kudos International Network Limited.

Some of the members of the Kudos International Network Limited use Kudos as part of their business name. Nothing in the arrangements or rules of Kudos International Network Limited creates or implies an agency relationship or a partnership between Kudos International Network Limited and the member firms of Kudos International Network limited.

Any claim arising from work by a Kudos International Network limited member you have hired can only be made against that member. Claims cannot be made against Kudos International Network Limited, or personally against any other person or organisation involved in working for you.

Although your contract is with us, we may use the services of partners or staff from other members of Kudos International Network Limited to help us in providing services to you. When we use the services of these partners or staff they are acting as our servants or agents and not the partners, servants or agents of any other person (including any other member firm of Kudos International Network Limited itself). As a result, we will be legally responsible for their activities as if they were our partners or staff. Neither Kudos International Network Limited nor any other member firm of Kudos International Network Limited will have any responsibility to you in connection with this work because there is no contract between you and any other member firm.

United Kingdom
We are registered and authorised to carry out accounting, audit and taxation services in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.  This includes preparation of client’s Tax Returns, VAT, PAYE and Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) Returns.  We also liaise with U.K. banks and have experience in dealing with other U.K. government agencies.